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Complete construction Projects on time and within budget 

One window across multiple projects with an integrated view of the four main pillars of project execution:

Advanced Project Execution: This includes real-time view of design deliverables, pre-construction planning and onsite work execution with clarity of scope.

On-site Construction and Services: A clear view of equipment and machinery deployed is available from this portfolio including transactional history for utilization reported on regular basis.

Costs, Quality & Closeout: This portfolio incorporates quality augmented through in-process verification, visibility to costs related to execution and closing out work scopes by Installation packages.

Health, Safety and Environment: With a focus on HSE , this portfolio helps collaboration across all project participants to better manage HSE by providing leading and lagging indicators.

Timely & AHI based Decision Making

Granularity and instant access to Information through cloud based digital control tower

Reduce Friction between all stake holders

Fosters collaborative work processes across departments & disciplines, in scoping, coding, sequencing and prioritizing the deliverables in alignment to the build method and path of construction on a project.

Eliminate leakages

Simple, flexible and scalable execution, operationalizing planning & packaging for better control of budget, indirect costs and schedule through continuous monitoring and in-process verification.

Integrated and Enhanced Safety

PACE Next generation Health, Safety & Environment module ties digitally with work packages making Safety an enabler for productivity.

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