Construction Contractors

Streamline execution, reduce rework and eliminate interruptions with better utilization of people, equipment and resources

Construction Work Packages are the control point for construction management that interface upstream with the EWPs and downstream with the trade specific Installation Work Packages. A systematic pre-construction planning can be performed by vetting the design, validating the engineering & construction quantities, a final assessment of the schedule and other matters. The digital inter-linking of CWP with EWP and the parent-child relationships of corresponding IWPs starts brining in the operational discipline of getting things done.

Enhance Pre-Construction Planning

Project managers trying to fix productivity and cost issues at the workface without fixing the business and project practices first result in utter failure. PACE Control Tower, provides a systematic, 360 degree all round view starting from the design development and receiving stage, to pre-construction planning where opportunities to add value and remove waste can be easily handled.

Optimization of capital equipment & resources

PACE helps in managing the lifecycle of the resources – people, material and machinery. As per the project schedule, report their actual usage in the form of timesheets, flow of information across the project, thus ensuring smooth project execution and successful completion.Timely availability of various resources such as people, material and equipment is of paramount importance in construction projects.

Actively manage risks to zero

PACE help manage and assist removing obstacles of hidden project risks, meet requirements for regulatory compliance and permits required including status tracking and approvals

Digital & instantaneous daily progress report

Smart tools that manage constraints, track progress, flag delays, and predict potential risks. Digital verification of work completed, evidence based digital proof to release funds

Reliable contractor estimates & issues



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