Sub Contractor

Assurance of work fronts, deadlines and timely payments – Safety, Communications & Manage Execution better.

Trade specific Installation Work Packages are systematically created from the CWPs. Applying the constraint management process for materials, construction equipment, services integrated with safety, permits, quality forms the back-bone of subcontractor work scope management. During execution by IWPs, it is important to keep track of quantities and the progress reporting claimed by field personnel. While the steady state operations are logged, the ability to quickly understand and resolve issues that slow down the IWP work or bring it to halt should be visible and communicated urgently for appropriate action.

Manage Constraints Better


Improve Time Keeping




Hindrances & hold-ups


Communication & decisions

PACE helps in connecting the top floor to the shop floor.  Communication of decisions and changes to plans, permits and safety are relayed to all stakeholders immediately.

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